Sometimes there are just days where I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with clients and their whinging. 



Legal Writing Tip #002: The goal in most legal writing is to make complex things seem simple. 

Contributor: Alexis Radojcic


Interacting with Judges outside of the Court environment and realising just how quirky, witty and human they are continues to be a shock to the law student in me.

I mean, these are people who make the law and who I had to write essays about… But are now complimenting me on my shoes and commenting on how hot some of the lawyers at the ceremony looked tonight.


Imagining My Future 1L Mentees



First years are so… Bright and shiny…


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.


Giving legal advice to friends...

  • Friend: Are you sure I won't be sued even through I signed the contract????
  • Me: Just chill. There was a revocation. The contract has basically ended...
  • Friend: BUT...!! *Insert panicked rant*
  • (20 mins later)
  • Me: Look here, unless you are a secret millionaire, in which case I don't know why you're looking for free legal advice, you're not WORTH suing. People will always sue the deepest pockets. You are an unemployed grad! YOU ARE NOT WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY IT TAKES TO SUE YOU.
  • Friend: ... Just chill...

When you know you should study… But don’t.


My law school experience

I get asked this quite often and how the transition into law school from high school or another degree is like.

So here goes….

When you start law school, you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you are no longer the smartest kid in your class. For the first time ever, you actually need to study, and I mean, REALLY study to do well in exams.

You’ll never find the time to read your favourite fantasy/sci fi/mystery books because your nightstand is full of textbooks.

But for the first time ever, you’ll also meet people who you can relate to on a whole new level. People who love a good intellectual debate and understand the nerd in you. You won’t ever feel overdressed because suits are part of every law student’s wardrobe and your classmates will just assume you have a mooting competition or interview after class.

There is a certain sense of solidarity amongst law students because you look around you and see the faces who will one day be your colleagues. You will bond over alcohol, exam notes and tears of frustration.

Law school will humble and crush you, but if you don’t break, you will emerge empowered and supported by friends, colleagues and as a member of a profession that can change people’s lives.


They make sure your belly is full, even though your soul is empty.