The academic study of law is like reading sheet music without an instrument: one can more or less make it out, but as with music, law only comes alive in its performance.

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Jobs nowadays.


Allow me to introduce you to “Peoples College of Law”…

A law school that offers it’s students “Accountability” (aka. Students must clean the toilets etc).

The actual wording found on their website is:

"Accountability" refers to the requirement that each student be accountable to the PCL collective by contributing 40 hours of work per school year to school operations. 
The administrative office works with the Accountability Committee on assigning tasks to students and ensuring that work requirements are fulfilled.  If you have a skill that can contribute to the school, you can earn accountability time for it.  i.e., are you a carpenter, a typist, a web-master, a grant-writer, a fund-raiser?

Now why don’t all you stressed out law students worried about job prospects give yourselves a clap on the back and feel better about yourselves?

Unless you attend PCL.


Sunday night conversations with my intern resident friend. We made a good nerdy and morbid pair.

  • Friend: Let's hang out. I have a day off.
  • Me: I'm busy writing a will.
  • Friend: ... Is there something you want to talk about?
  • Me: I'm not dying. I'm just practising will drafting skills.
  • Friend: ... If I come over, can you draft a will for me too?
  • Me: Sure.

Lawyer 1: Nurse reported that he had a detachable penis.
Lawyer 2: He doesn’t have a penis?
Lawyer 1: He does. The detachable one was to fake a urine drug test.
Lawyer 2: How did they find out?
Lawyer 1: It was the wrong colour and the nurse said she remembered him not being that big.
Me: …..